Central Station in Sydney

The City's Transport Hub

Central Station in Sydney is one of two major transport hubs in the city.

Sydney transport services that operate in and around the building include City Rail and Country Link trains, the Metro Light Rail, Sydney Buses, private bus operators and long distance coach companies.

The station is split into two sections: The Grand Concourse and the Northern Concourse.

In the concourse areas you will find many Central Station shops and amenities:

  • Ticketing booths and ticketing machines
  • Information
  • Digital display screens
  • ATM/cash machines
  • Food and beverage shops including a pub
  • Newsagents (including newsagent booths on train platforms)
  • Toilets
  • Disabled access to station concourses and train platforms
Sydney's Central Station

The station is the Mecca for the Sydney commuter. Nine to fivers, tourists, regional and interstate travellers, and homeless people all go about their very different business.

Central Station in Sydney Information

The Grand Concourse

This building was constructed at the turn of the 20th century. Its classic architecture of huge, tall ceilings and ironwork has not changed much over the years.

From the Grand Concourse you can access:

There is also a Rail Heritage Museum where you can learn about Sydney’s rail history and visit various exhibitions related to heritage rail.

The Northern Concourse

Platforms 16 – 25 in this part of the station accommodate suburban trains that travel to Sydney’s suburbs.

Access to the platforms is by stairs or lifts.

Many services apart from suburban train platforms are available at this concourse:

  • More food and beverage shops, newsagents, chemist and toilets
  • ATM/cash machines
  • Sydney Buses and private bus terminals. Bus terminal are located at Eddy Avenue, Railway Square and Chalmers Street.

Southern Access to Central Station

The southern end of the suburban platforms 16 – 25, and intercity train platforms 1 – 15, can be accessed at the south west side of Central Station.

Entry is via Chalmers Street. Ticketing windows, ticket machines and train info displays, and limited food and beverage shops are available here.

Devonshire Street Pedestrian Tunnel

Also located at this entry point is the Devonshire Street Tunnel. This connects with the Railway Square bus terminal located on Broadway.

The tunnel is a great place to wander through. It is a popular place for buskers from all avenues of life. They set up in the tunnel and vie for the passing commuter’s coin.

The walls are painted with murals celebrating Sydney’s railway history.

The Railway Square end of the tunnel is filled with food and beverage shops, a great Sydney bargain bookshop and even a youth hostel.

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