Luna Park in Sydney

Luna Park is Sydney's famous and last remaining amusement Fun Park. It first opened in 1935.

Over the years, the constant threat of closure has seen it renovated and redeveloped repeatedly.

The most recent redevelopment has reinvigorated the park into a fun and modern theme park whilst retaining its old charm.

This has allowed the space to be utilised beyond amusements and rides, and it is suitable for people of all ages:

  • Fully serviced restaurants, bars, cafes and an ice creamery
  • 'The Big Top' - A great music and entertainment venue for both under 18's and adults
  • Extended opening hours over the weekends and holiday periods
The entrance to Luna Park in Sydney

You can spend an hour to a whole day at the venue.

This Sydney tourist attractions facilities include indoor and outdoor areas, so don’t forget your sunscreen and hat.

Tickets and passes for rides can be purchased online or at the Park. These include single rides, annual passes, and other passes that deliver some savings.

Most pass prices rise during peak times. These are usually during school or public holidays.

Access to some rides is limited due to height restrictions. Parents can purchase Accompanying Passes, which allow their kids to access some of these rides with them.

Parties and functions can be accommodated. These include children and adult parties, family, social or corporate events.

Luna Park Information

The Park is located on the waterfront at Milsons Point (west of the Harbour Bridge).

Opening Hours

Open and closing hours for the Park do not remain constant.

Generally the Park is closed mid week in school term periods.

It is worth checking the Park's calendar for more detailed information.

The park is generally open from 10 or 11am, and closed from 4, 6, 9, 10 or 11pm:

  • 4pm closing time generally applies to Monday
  • Other earlier closing times (6 & 9pm) generally apply to mid week school holiday periods
  • Later closing hours (10 & 11pm) generally apply to Friday and Saturday evenings
The super slides inside Coney Island at Luna Park in Sydney

Travelling to Luna Park in Sydney

The easiest way to get to the park is by Sydney public Transport:

  • Sydney Trains - Catch a train to Milsons Point train station, only an 8 minute journey from the CBD
  • Sydney Ferries - Travel to Milsons Point/Luna Park wharf from Circular Quay. The journey takes 12 – 20 minutes depending on the ferry service.
  • Walk - Walking from the CBD is another option. Simply access the Sydney Harbour Bridge pedestrian walkway near Cumberland and Argyle Streets in The Rocks. The walk takes around 20 – 30 minutes.

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Luna Park Admission Cost & Ride Passes

Entry to the Park is free where you can access the cafes, restaurants and other shops.

Single Rides & Coney Island Pass

Show dancers in action at Luna Park in Sydney

Single rides and Coney Island Passes (unlimited access to Coney Island) cost $10.

Peak and non-peak hours do not apply to these tickets and passes.

Ride Passes & Height Restrictions

Ride passes come in 3 colours and are based on height:

  • Yellow - 130cm +
  • Green - 106 – 129cm
  • Red - 85 – 105cm

Annual Pass

If Luna Park really is your (or your kids!) thing, buy and Annual Pass.

Unlimited Rides Pass

Access all rides for one day

Online Only Value Deal

Included with this pass: All day unlimited rides, a Lighthouse Combo Meal and 2 Sideshow Games (saving around $17).

Lunacy After 6pm

2 for 1 deal: Buying an unlimited rides pass after 6pm gets you the same pass or a pass of lesser value for free.

Mini Money Mondays

This pass includes all day unlimited rides on off-peak Mondays (not valid for peak Mondays, school holidays or public holidays).

Accompanying Adult Pass

Adults (18 year +) can buy this pass and accompany their kids who have purchased red or green passes onto rides that require an accompanying adult.

For ride pass costs please visit Luna Park ticket prices page.

The Tango Train ride at Luna Park in Sydney

What to Expect

Luna Park Rides

The park is divided into 6 sections:

  1. The Face – Easy to spot! There have been eight faces throughout the history of the park.
  2. Midway – The main thoroughfare through the park that grans access to all areas and rides
  3. Crystal Place – Function rooms located behind the games such as the Laughing Clowns and Shooting Gallery
  4. Big Top – A multi purpose venue that hosts music, large functions and exhibitions
  5. Coney Island – Kids go nuts for Coney Island. Based on an historic funhouse, it is the only one left in the world, and is full of slides and other amusements.
  6. Maloney’s Corner – This area is where many rides more suitable for younger kids are located

Listed below are some of the most popular rides at the Park. Many of these are the only of their kind in Australia.

  • Rotor – Although this version of the Rotor is smaller than the original, it still proves to be a huge hit. Gravity will ensure that after the floors slides away, you stick to the walls.
  • Commander Baldocks Galloping Horses and Racing Cockerels Carousel – The carousel is an original from the eighteenth century. Although it still has its original steam engine in place, today it is powered by electricity.
  • Skylab Ferris Wheel – Enjoy views of the Harbour Bridge, and the famous waterway, from 35 metres in the air in one of 24 gondolas
  • Flying Saucer – Four person gondolas are spun around a central hub. The force created by the spinning is enough to hold you to the wall so that the ride can then rotate in the air ninety degrees.
  • Tango Train – This ride is a classic caterpillar train, which races around in a tight circle, to the tune of hits from across the ages
  • Wild Mouse – Enjoy the only roller coaster in operation in NSW. It might look small and travel at modest speeds, but the turns are tight and the down hills are steep.
  • Dodgem City – Dodgem cars, need we say anymore!
  • Tumblebug – A central axis spins the major arms of the ride whilst going up and down. And the cars are able to spin at the end of each of the arms independently.
  • Spider – A central platform is on a slight incline. It spins one way and upon it are groups of cars that spin the other way due to the incline of the platform.
  • Ranger – A classic pirate ship style ride, where the ship moves backward and forward, increasing in speed and height until it completes a revolution taking you upside down

Specific kids rides include:

  • U-Drive - Trains of cars drive around a mini track
  • Whirly Wheel – A kids size Ferris Wheel
  • Space Shuttle and Magic Castle

Luna Park Refreshments

Food on the Go

Coney Island Café – Grab freshly made wraps, sandwiches, doughnuts or other snacks such as banana bread

Lighthouse Café – Classic fun park treats: hot dogs, Pluto Pups, hamburgers, meat pies and hot buttered Popcorn.

Park Favourites

Fairly Floss – A fun park without fairly floss? I don’t think so. Enjoy fairy floss at a range of outlets around the Park.

Sloops Ice Cream – All the classic flavours, plus some new school adventures for those looking for something different

Sit and Enjoy

Fish ‘n’ Sips - Yummy grilled fish, fresh salads, pies and pizzas. Wine and beer available with your meal.

The Deck – Enjoy A La Carte dining or bar snacks, plus alcohol including beers and cocktails, from one of the best seats on the Harbour

Luna Parks Vibe!

A great carnival atmosphere with food and drink of all descriptions:

  • Luna Park in Sydney has a fun and entertaining vibe with spectacular views as a backdrop.
  • If you don't feel like boarding the rides, it really is worth getting on down for photo opportunities and a relaxing drink or meal, particularly in the evenings.
  • The park has games and amusements for people of all ages.
  • It also presents a chance for parents to let their kids roam free and have fun in a relatively contained environment.

The evenings are romantic, and fun:

  • With the amazing views comes the romance! That feeling washes over the park when the sun goes down and the amusement lights are lit.
  • Who wouldn’t love a trip around the Ferris Wheel, with your lady, or man, by your side, in the evening!?
  • Or head out for a night of music; the 'Big Top' music venue presents well known international and local acts. I saw The Eagles of Death Metal at the venue and had an excellent time.

It's an easy place to visit while you're on your way through:

  • Being on a Sydney Ferries route enables you to tie a trip to the park in with other site seeing adventures.
  • One summery day we took a journey from Circular Quay and visited Balmain Village for an early lunch.
  • We then caught a ferry across the harbour and our afternoon was spent at the Park where we enjoyed a relaxing drink at the Deck Bar.

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