Mona Vale

by Ian & Debbie
(Blue Mountains)

Being from the Blue Mountains means that we do not get to the beach as often as we would like. Usually it is when we are on holiday, and that is generally four hours north or south of the Sydney.

That being said, I have seen all of Sydney's beaches in my time, and the one that sticks out for me is Mona Vale, which is located about 30 minutes north of the city, depending on the traffic.

The thing I enjoy most about the beach is the clear water. I also find that the beach is clean and generally not so crowded. I am a keen fisherman too, and have enjoyed some fishing there from time to time - both successful and not so successful!

The beach is patrolled in the summer months and is relatively close to Mona Vale shops and a number of quality eateries for food and beverages.

One issue about the area is the car-parking, particularly when it is busy. It can be tough to find a park. And the parking cops can be a little over the top and aggressive with issuing parking tickets. Even if you find a park, they are right on you if you stay in the car parks over you allotted time.

This of course occurred on our most recent journey to Mona Vale. We got collared for a parking fine after travelling all the way from the Blue Mountains. When that kind of thing occurs it tends to take a shine off whatever good time you may be having.

That being said, we did once again enjoy our trip to Mona Vale beach, which is our favourite Sydney beach.

Nathan's Reply
Hi Ian and Debbie, thanks so much for your recommended beach.

I have only ever driven past Mona Vale beach on the way to Palm Beach or Newport. However your description of clear, clean waters and less crowds sounds like a winner to me. It is also a good thing to have shops close to your desired swimming spot, so you can enjoy a good old fashioned take away, like fish and chips, and a lovely cold drink, on a hot a summer’s day. Thinking about that reminds me of many childhood trips to the beach.

Thanks for the heads up about the parking situation and the patrolling police. You’re right with what you say, getting stung for a parking fine really does take the fun out of any occasion.

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