Sydney Opera House

What’s that, you don’t like opera..!?

No worries! The Sydney Opera House offers a smorgasbord of fun and interesting things to do that encompass just about every area of entertainment.

You can catch a music gig (popular, classical and jazz), a theatre or dance performance, your favourite comedian, or get involved in some serious talks, lectures and conversations with eminent speakers, writers, performers and personalities.

The family is invited too. The Opera House has an excellent kids and family program.

Tours are available and offer a chance to see and learn about the construction and history of the building.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House at night. Photo courtesy of Stephen Bak.

Tours are available and offer a chance to see and learn about the construction and history of the building.

If you don't take the tour it is worth taking some time to wander around the area. The components and structure look remarkably different close up.

To make this UNESCO World Heritage Listed building a complete entertainment venue, restaurants, cafes and bars offer yummy food and great drinks with a picturesque backdrop.

Please visit our Opera House history page for an in depth look at the successes and controversies of the design and construction of the building.

Or if you would like an abridged version of these events, and other interesting information, visit our Opera House facts page.

Sydney Opera House Information

Sydney Opera House is an attraction in the city centre. It is built upon Bennelong Point:

  • Macquarie St, Sydney, 2000
  • Ph: (+612) 92957111

Transport to the Opera House

The Opera House is easily accessed by every transport option available.

Sydney public transport offers Sydney Trains, Sydney Buses and Sydney Ferries, and a rank for Sydney taxis, are all located around Circular Quay. And it's a 5 minute walk from Circular Quay to the Opera House.

Shuttle buses are available for less mobile people. They run between Circular Quay bus terminal stand E and the Opera House concourse.

Inside the Utzon Room at The Sydney Opera House, photo courtesy of Amity Alexander

Bike racks are available under the Monumental House steps.

A car parking station is available beneath the Opera House, with entry from Macquarie Street.

Things To Do at The Opera House

Guided Tours

This Sydney tourist attraction offers a range of tours. Taking a tour will give you an excellent appreciation of the building through knowledgeable guides, historical presentations, and in some cases behind-stage access.

Tours are available in English, French and German, as well as many Asian languages including Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.

Tour types include,

  • The Essential Tour - 1 hour tour of the highlights of the Opera House
  • Backstage Tour - 2 hour tour that offers you behind-the-stage access
  • Tours & Taste of Opera - Experience a tour, and an intimate opera recital
  • Disabled Access Tour
  • Kids Tour

We took the Essential Tour:

Before we took this tour I knew nothing about the Sydney Opera House other than it was a pretty neat, well-known building located in my home town.

After the tour I was pleasantly surprised at not only the quality of the tour, but also the rich, though relatively short, history of the building.

On the upper balcony during the Sydney Opera House Essential Tour

The 1 hour tour is guided by friendly volunteers who give interesting historical and current information about the building and its engineering.

Audio visual aids are utilised throughout the tour. A wireless headset is provided for all tour members that enhance the ability to hear the tour guide's comments and short films that are shown during the tour.

The films are very informative and give details of the trials and tribulations encountered during the construction of the building.

Food & Beverage

Guillaume Brahimi is the resident chef at the Opera House. Experience his culinary skills 'bistro-style' at Bistro Mozart, or enjoy a meal at restaurant Bennelong.

You can experience an operatic high tea at the Opera House every Wednesday 2 - 4pm.

Also sample some of the best food delights from around the city at the Opera Kitchen.

The Studio Cafe offers Italian inspired cuisine.

There are a number of bars available around the venues to quench your theatrical thirst.

And one of the best Sydney bars, with extraordinary views, is the Opera Bar, which is located on the lower concourse and serves food and drink from 11.30am.

Another bar and a few other eateries are also located on the lower concourse.

Fleet Foxes on the Concert Hall Stage, photo courtesy of Amity Alexander

Opera House Venues

Concert Hall

This is the Opera House's largest venue with a capacity of 2679 seats.

We have seen the Fleet Foxes performing their folk rock, and Michael Pollan in conversation about his food ideas, in this space. It is a great place to experience a show.

The Sydney Symphony, Australian Chamber Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonic Choirs regularly perform here, and it is also used as a venue during the Sydney Festival.

Opera Theatre

This is the second largest venue at the Opera House. There are 1507 seats.

Opera Australia and The Australian Ballet perform regularly in this venue.

Drama Theatre

This is a medium sized theatre with 544 seats.

The Sydney Theatre Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House and Bell Shakespeare hold performances in this space regularly.

Play House

This medium to small theatre has a 398 seat capacity, and is used by The Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House and Bell Shakespeare Company.


This is a medium to small contemporary performance space with a 350 seated capacity, or 600 standing capacity.

I've seen a traditional Serbian folk gig in this room. The sound was excellent.

Utzon Room

This room is small in size and used for performances, functions and events.

It is also the first room re-designed by Jorn Utzon.


This is an open-aired venue that uses the steps of the Opera House as the audience seating/standing area.

I saw the well-known Australian band Crowded House play their farewell gig here, it was really good fun.

Buena Vista Social Club, Michael Buble and Jamiroquai have also performed at the Forecourt.

If you would like to know further information about the Opera House please visit the official Sydney Opera House website.

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